Friday, 20 April 2012

Week 10 Blogger Challenge - Benefits

  Here we go Week 10 already, seems like only yesterday it was week 1. I'm excited by this weeks challenge, thanks to Whirslie, I must admit I have been focusing a bit this week on how I look now and little things that are so much better now. So here we go
What are the benefits you have noticed in the way you look?
 Well just personally, I think the benefits are huge. I don't look so puffy. Although I'm smiling in the first pic, I think I look happier in the second pic. When I showed my hubby this comparison, he asked me if I'd altered the first pic to make myself look bigger....HOLY COW - why would I try to make myself look bigger??? He, like me, didn't realise I had gotten that big, Bless him, I'll always been the 19 year old size 12 he fell in love with (and I wouldn't have it any other way)
What are the benefits you have noticed in your mindset? What breakthroughs have you had along the way?
Excuses don't rule my world now. I have realised I was the one holding myself back. Not anyone else. I am very conscious of what I put in my mouth. I don't want to waste precious calories on something crappy that will only fill me up for a short period of time.  I feel happier, I don't seem to be as grumpy as I used to be.
What are the benefits you have noticed in your fitness levels?
Sadly not much. Before Bertie the boot came along I had improved my time trial by 1 minute. I was pretty stoked with that. Round 2 will be all about fitness for me.
And finally, what benefits have you noticed in your health?

Only this morning I noticed something huge. When I jumped back into bed at 5.30am this morning after feeding my baby (I know I should have been staying up and heading out for my SSS). I was laying on my side and it occurred to me that It didn't hurt. 20+ kilo's ago any position I lied in hurt after a while, it was almost like my body was collapsing under the pressure of my weight and I needed to moved positions regularly. I don't feel that way any more.



  1. What a wonderful post! You rock! I love seeing your transformation!

  2. Love the comparison pics, Linnijane - you are so inpsiring.. (Your hubby sounds pretty good too!)x