Friday, 20 April 2012

Hello my name is Linnijane and my favourite food is...........

10 weeks ago if you'd asked me this question my answer would have been Indian. I love Indian food. The problem with this is, I love samsoa's and cheese naan. So bad, but so yummy - Well so I thought!
The other night I was very naughty, but I've discovered being naughty has taught me a very valuable lesson.

We ordered some Indian food a few nights ago. We haven't had take out since the beginning of pre-season. So with a plan to work it off in exercise, I ordered a cheese naan. One serving of a cheese naan is around 332 calories....WOWEE. In much anticipation I bit into my naan...and OMG it was revolting. I said to my husband, they've changed the cheese, it's not very nice. Not surprisingly he giggled at me. No they haven't changed the cheese, I've changed. I didn't eat my cheese naan, it was revolting and one bite was more than enough.

So today I can without any hesitation tell you that Indian is no longer my favourite food. Actually after last nights dinner I can say that Chinese dumplings are my favourite food.

I conquered a bit of a fear today - This is probably week 9 & week 10's weekly surprises rolled up into one nice neat little package. I did a vblog...........AAARRRGGGHH! I really had no intention of doing one, but reading all the other vblogs I was so inspired and started to worry that I'd regret not doing one. Now mine is nothing fancy, no music, no pics...Just me talking about my 12wbt experience. This was so spur of the moment, that I'm actually still in my pj's (but shhhh don't tell anyone lol). So here it kind :D


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  1. i LOVE your vlog! Well done for doing it and for losing 23 kg so far, for not giving up or going back and for not resting on your laurels but focusing on what you still want to achieve. You ARE inspiring.