Friday, 27 April 2012

Blogger Challenge Week 11 - Reflection

  Well here we go Week 11, thanks to Whirlsie
1. How are you feeling about the 12WBT program now that you have almost completed it?
I don't want it to end. It's been such a huge part of my life for the past 12 plus weeks. 
I feel very emotional just thinking about 12wbt, it's worked for me. I've finally put my mind to a weight loss program and its worked.

2. Looking back on what you wrote in week 1, did you achieve all that you were hoping to? 
Sadly no, but I still feel like I've achieved a lot. I still have a long way to go and I don't believe I've achieved even half of what I'm capable of yet.

3. Did you find that blogging was beneficial to your 12WBT journey? Will you continue to blog once this round is over?
Yes, Yes, Yes. I've enjoyed blogging and I believe it's helped me in a huge way. It's very therapeutic writing things down. It's helpful and motivating. I do plan to keep blogging and reading all the blogs 

4. Did your exercise go according to plan or  did you have to change it around compared with what you wrote in Week 1?! stoopid stress fracture. Before the stress fracture though I was mainly exercising outdoors, with the occasional visit to the gym and the odd at home session too. I liked it that way, a different location always kept me motivated.

5. How did your greatest strength help you this round? Was it as you thought it would?
I listed my greatest strength as my determination. I believe it has helped me, for starters I'm still here, I'm still losing weight. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but I've owned every stuff up or blow out and I have managed to lose weight every week (accept for week 1 - I'm still reeling over that).

6. Did the fears that you outlined in Week 1 come to pass? How/how not? 
NO...Thank goodness. My biggest fear was failing. And I haven't!
7. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from this program?
To be accountable. 
It's not someone else's fault that I am the size I am, it's mine and I'm the only one who can do anything about it.
It's not going to happen overnight, be patient, be consistent and it will happen.

8. In question 9 of the Week 1 challenge question, you wrote about your downfall.  How did you go with this challenge over the last 11 weeks?
I think I nailed portion control. I actually think I was a tad anal about it. I measured everything, I weighed everything. I would count bits of meat so I could divide them equally.
Sadly my other downfall, which is a glass or two of vino, managed to creep it's way back in around week 6 or 7 I think. But no where near as bad as I used to be, so I guess that's a small win

9. What is your biggest achievement since the start of the program?  What are you the most proud of?
I'm proud of the way I look now, even though I still have a long way to go. I don't hide the size of my clothes when I'm trying on clothes in stores now.
I'm proud that I actually stuck at this for the 12 weeks. I'm also proud that I understand that this isn't about 12 weeks, it's about a change of lifestyle.
10. Will you be coming back for another round of the 12WBT? 
Hells yeah! I am no where near ready to go this alone, but I think I may have to. My money tree washed away in the last storm.Every so often I need to be sensible and remind myself I'm not made of money. I'm hoping to sign up again for round 3, I'm going to try and do it alone in round 2. Well when I say alone I mean with the support of the 12wbt facebook community. But I can't actually afford to do 12wbt officially.
I'm very scared about this as I don't have that much faith in myself. I heard someone else say "I'll leave it up to the universe" and that's what I'll plan to do too. I'm a big believer of everything happens for a reason; so if I'm meant to do round 2 and/or round 3 the universe will provide.

Until next week
LJ x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Hello my name is Linnijane and my favourite food is...........

10 weeks ago if you'd asked me this question my answer would have been Indian. I love Indian food. The problem with this is, I love samsoa's and cheese naan. So bad, but so yummy - Well so I thought!
The other night I was very naughty, but I've discovered being naughty has taught me a very valuable lesson.

We ordered some Indian food a few nights ago. We haven't had take out since the beginning of pre-season. So with a plan to work it off in exercise, I ordered a cheese naan. One serving of a cheese naan is around 332 calories....WOWEE. In much anticipation I bit into my naan...and OMG it was revolting. I said to my husband, they've changed the cheese, it's not very nice. Not surprisingly he giggled at me. No they haven't changed the cheese, I've changed. I didn't eat my cheese naan, it was revolting and one bite was more than enough.

So today I can without any hesitation tell you that Indian is no longer my favourite food. Actually after last nights dinner I can say that Chinese dumplings are my favourite food.

I conquered a bit of a fear today - This is probably week 9 & week 10's weekly surprises rolled up into one nice neat little package. I did a vblog...........AAARRRGGGHH! I really had no intention of doing one, but reading all the other vblogs I was so inspired and started to worry that I'd regret not doing one. Now mine is nothing fancy, no music, no pics...Just me talking about my 12wbt experience. This was so spur of the moment, that I'm actually still in my pj's (but shhhh don't tell anyone lol). So here it kind :D


Week 10 Blogger Challenge - Benefits

  Here we go Week 10 already, seems like only yesterday it was week 1. I'm excited by this weeks challenge, thanks to Whirslie, I must admit I have been focusing a bit this week on how I look now and little things that are so much better now. So here we go
What are the benefits you have noticed in the way you look?
 Well just personally, I think the benefits are huge. I don't look so puffy. Although I'm smiling in the first pic, I think I look happier in the second pic. When I showed my hubby this comparison, he asked me if I'd altered the first pic to make myself look bigger....HOLY COW - why would I try to make myself look bigger??? He, like me, didn't realise I had gotten that big, Bless him, I'll always been the 19 year old size 12 he fell in love with (and I wouldn't have it any other way)
What are the benefits you have noticed in your mindset? What breakthroughs have you had along the way?
Excuses don't rule my world now. I have realised I was the one holding myself back. Not anyone else. I am very conscious of what I put in my mouth. I don't want to waste precious calories on something crappy that will only fill me up for a short period of time.  I feel happier, I don't seem to be as grumpy as I used to be.
What are the benefits you have noticed in your fitness levels?
Sadly not much. Before Bertie the boot came along I had improved my time trial by 1 minute. I was pretty stoked with that. Round 2 will be all about fitness for me.
And finally, what benefits have you noticed in your health?

Only this morning I noticed something huge. When I jumped back into bed at 5.30am this morning after feeding my baby (I know I should have been staying up and heading out for my SSS). I was laying on my side and it occurred to me that It didn't hurt. 20+ kilo's ago any position I lied in hurt after a while, it was almost like my body was collapsing under the pressure of my weight and I needed to moved positions regularly. I don't feel that way any more.


Friday, 13 April 2012

Blogger Challenge Week 9 - Support!

  Week 9 already. Wow, this has gone so fast, here we go thanks to Whirlsie
1. What would you tell yourself at the start of the program in support of yourself?
I told myself that I could do and for some reason I actually listened to myself this time. I think I was finally ready to lose weight, I thought I was before but I really wasn't. Now I am. You have to JFDI, don't think about it just do it. Eat clean and exercise...pretty soon it will become second nature. It's ok to fall off the wagon, brush yourself off and jump straight back on.

2. What would you tell those around you that may not have been that supportive?
I don't really want to waste my energy on those people. But if I had to tell them something, I guess it would be: Your negativity didn't bring me down and I (despite your lack of support) am becoming the best version of me.

3. Who would you like to thank for being there for you and helping you on your 12WBT journey so far?
My most awesomest husband...even this morning he said to me...."Looking Hot Babe" which I replied.."still a long way to go". I should have just said Thank you - but I still struggle with compliments about my weight.
My boys (B1, B2 & B3). My gorgeous little 5 year old, who is a SNAG in the making often tells me how pretty I am.
My BFF's, who always cheer me on and support me.
Everyone doing 12wbt or have done it, especially JanieD, my partner in crime Kate, my inspirations Angela Wallace and Tracey F. All the amazingly supportive girls of the 12wbt 30+ crew.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Blogger challenge - week 8 - Learning

Oopps been a bit slack this week, but I haven't forgotten about the blogger challenge, well shhhh I kinda did, but remembered last night. So here we go Thanks to Whirlsie

1. What has been your biggest learning curve of the program?
I feel my biggest learning curve has been learning to eat properly, controlling my portion size. I love food and truth be known, I love all the wrong foods and lots of them. Don't get me wrong I love the healthy food too, but if it came down to carrot sticks and hommus vs. brie and's no secret I'd always choose the latter. But I feel with this program that I am learning to choose the right foods 80% of the time. I still have a lot to learn, I'm not going to deny that. I can't change 10+ years of bad habits in 12 weeks. But there are more rounds coming up and I am very aware that I have a long way to go and I need help to do it.
2. Have you had to learn something new over the last 8 weeks?
I've learnt to cook lots of new dishes, 98% which I have loved and will be cooked again. Most of which will become regulars in our house.
I've learnt to love exercise and to JFDI. It's been killing me since I got the boot on my leg, I've hardly exercised and I'm really missing it.
3. Are you planning on learning a new skill in the future? 
Oh yes, I certainly soon as this boot is off my leg I'm going to go back to learning to run and I can't wait.
Happy WWW everyone 


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Danger...Danger Will Robinson

This is how weight loss has worked for me in the past....I lose a few kilos, people start to notice, I start to like the way I look again and BAM just like that I fall off the weight loss wagon. And generally pack the weight back on plus some.

I can actually hear those naughty little voices in my head that telling me that I look ok now. I am trying my hardest to ignore them, because lets face it...According to my BMI, I'm still obese, I still have 25kg's to lose. I still have a long way to go....I keep telling myself.."If you think you look good now, imagine how great you'll look when you're at goal". I've noticed some bad little habits creeping back in over the past 3 weekends. Not the weekdays...just the weekend. I need to sit myself down and give myself a very stern talking to....I want this too much to jeopardise all my hard work.So those naughty little voices can take a short walk of a long pier. :D

Easter is scaring me a little. I've asked everyone to not give me chocolate (I'm sure my mother still will though). I'd rather have a book or (squeeeeeeeeeeee) a new bra (cause the one I have now is tooo big... yippee!). I guess we'll wait and see what the weekend brings...Actually NO, we won't...I am not going to eat any of my kids Easter eggs. I am not going to eat any of my kids Easter eggs. (and one more time for good measure). I am not going to eat any of my kids Easter eggs.

So with this weeks weigh in (week 8)...I have now lost 8.8kg in this round plus my 7kg in preseason has me at 15.8kg lost in total. Plus a whopping 54.3cm gone. I actually hit and smashed my 4 week goal, this time, of 4kgs. I know I mentioned this before, but I don't think I'll hit my end of round goal of being 90kg. I can't seem to change that figure, but I have a new goal now. I would like to be 20kg lighter than when I started preseason, so to be that I need to be at 91.4kg by the 12 week weigh in. Which is just over 4kg to lose...Doable I feel :D

I'm hoping to get to finale, well I've booked accommodation, but now we're actually wondering if we can afford to go as I need to bring my whole family with me, which means a babysitter (anyone who reads this know of any good/cheap babysitters??) so my hubby and I can have a night out. Fingers crossed it all works out, I really want to go, I really want to meet a few of my virtual friends :D....

Hope everyone's having a fab week 8 xx