Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Danger...Danger Will Robinson

This is how weight loss has worked for me in the past....I lose a few kilos, people start to notice, I start to like the way I look again and BAM just like that I fall off the weight loss wagon. And generally pack the weight back on plus some.

I can actually hear those naughty little voices in my head that telling me that I look ok now. I am trying my hardest to ignore them, because lets face it...According to my BMI, I'm still obese, I still have 25kg's to lose. I still have a long way to go....I keep telling myself.."If you think you look good now, imagine how great you'll look when you're at goal". I've noticed some bad little habits creeping back in over the past 3 weekends. Not the weekdays...just the weekend. I need to sit myself down and give myself a very stern talking to....I want this too much to jeopardise all my hard work.So those naughty little voices can take a short walk of a long pier. :D

Easter is scaring me a little. I've asked everyone to not give me chocolate (I'm sure my mother still will though). I'd rather have a book or (squeeeeeeeeeeee) a new bra (cause the one I have now is tooo big... yippee!). I guess we'll wait and see what the weekend brings...Actually NO, we won't...I am not going to eat any of my kids Easter eggs. I am not going to eat any of my kids Easter eggs. (and one more time for good measure). I am not going to eat any of my kids Easter eggs.

So with this weeks weigh in (week 8)...I have now lost 8.8kg in this round plus my 7kg in preseason has me at 15.8kg lost in total. Plus a whopping 54.3cm gone. I actually hit and smashed my 4 week goal, this time, of 4kgs. I know I mentioned this before, but I don't think I'll hit my end of round goal of being 90kg. I can't seem to change that figure, but I have a new goal now. I would like to be 20kg lighter than when I started preseason, so to be that I need to be at 91.4kg by the 12 week weigh in. Which is just over 4kg to lose...Doable I feel :D

I'm hoping to get to finale, well I've booked accommodation, but now we're actually wondering if we can afford to go as I need to bring my whole family with me, which means a babysitter (anyone who reads this know of any good/cheap babysitters??) so my hubby and I can have a night out. Fingers crossed it all works out, I really want to go, I really want to meet a few of my virtual friends :D....

Hope everyone's having a fab week 8 xx


  1. You have been going so well, LJ. I don't know your weekly numbers, but it wasn't long ago you were celebrating double digits - now it's less than 4 till you reach 20 off. Your half way goal. How amazing are you???? I hope you can get to finale. I am definitely going to the workout (with my hubby) - but still a bit undecided about the night. I do really want to meet people in real life though, that will be awesome. Keep up your good work over Easter. It will be worth it.

  2. Definitely want to meet you Janie.
    If we are coming I'll be at the workout (hopefully without Bertie) and the night time do too. I haven't had a night out in so long.

    Oh dear, seems I didn't proof read very well...It should say take long walk off a short pier...not the other way around lol

    1. i knew what you meant! I was kinda hoping, for your sake, that Bertie wouldn't be there either. How's it going? You are still losing weight, so your exercise must be going well despite Bertie. Good on you - it's too easy to slacken off isn't it?

  3. Far too easy to slacken off unfortunately. My exercise hasn't been very good. I've been doing some boxing with a friend, but I really need to do more. I hate to say it but I've been using Bertie as an excuse not to exercise. Which contradicts everything I am trying to become.
    Foots ok, still hurts but I was walking around on it this morning without Bertie and it was ok for a little bit. I see my physio in 2 weeks I am going to ask him the odds of me being able to go to the group workout and I guess I'll make my decisions from there