Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blogger Challenge - Week 2


I try in general to be a positive person and essentially I am, accept of course when it comes to my weight.

Here are my positives so far on 12wbt

I love that for the first time in my (dieting) life, I’m not actually on a diet, I’m slowly but surely changing my lifestyle, I’m learning new skills, new skills that are helping me lose weight, new skills that will ensure I lead a happy, healthy and LONG life.

I’m very conscious of what I put in my mouth now, I look at the calorie value and I decide if I really want to blow that amount of calories on whatever it is. This is a wonderful skill to have – to be conscious of what you put in your mouth and to actually care about it. I’m teaching myself not to snack (some days it’s hard, other days I don’t even think about it).

I have a brand new favourite toy, my new pink HRM, which I love, even though it rarely gives me that glorious goal of 500 calories – but I can’t blame it, cause it’s sooo pretty lol. 

I’m also giving myself and my family, ME! If I kept going the way I was I’m sure I wouldn’t have been around for a long time.

I’m learning to jog and I can’t lie, I am actually enjoying it, I look forward to the days that I jog and I can’t wait till it comes naturally and I can just get up and go out for a jog each morning. I’m aiming towards the Mother’s Day Classic and a local fun run called the Bay to Bay (12km).

Blogging is also something new for me. Even though I’m a huge fan of social media I’ve never actually blogged before.  

And last but definitely not least, the support from everyone involved is amazingly fantastic. Every time I can feel a bit of negativity creeping in I go straight to the forums or facebook and it makes me more determined than ever.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Tuesday Night Prayer

As I head off to bed tonight, with a 5 year old in my bed, cause he's too scared to sleep in his bed. Even though his baby brother is in the same room as him. Even though I'll be getting up to his baby brother several times tonight because he's a miserable little man with sore gums, This prayer I say to all my fellow 12wbt'er's

May god grant us scales in the morning that we are happy to see, May the figure it gives us fill us with joy all day! Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday Weigh in.

See ya on the other side x

PS - I'm dead set s%&ting myself about tomorrow's weigh in

Monday, 20 February 2012

Blogger Challenge - week 1

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.  What makes you, you?
Hmmm, what makes me, me? Good question.
Well I’m Melinda, I am a 18 year old stuck in the body of a nearly 40 year old. I’m a mum to three delightfully gorgeous boys (a.k.a cheeky monkeys). I am a wife to my childhood sweetheart and soul mate. I lead a blissfully happy life, most of it in my own little cocoon, where everyone is happy and nothing bad ever happens (naive, yes I know). I am a musical theatre junkie (I can never get enough). I often break into song and dance because I like to think I live in a tragic teenage 80’s movie, or I’m on stage in a tribute to my life. I love to sing and I love to dance, neither of them I do very well. I have a wicked sense of humour and I’m the polar opposite of PC. I tend to keep my opinions to myself as I don’t like to offend people and I’m not a fan of confrontation (accept of course if anyone was to hurt my kids, then I’m a tad over protective). I love social networking, cause I feel like I can be the real me. I’m painfully shy in person and I often think people think I’m rude because I am so shy.
  1. Why did you decide to do the 12WBT?
I’m fat! There’s no beating around the bush. I need to lose weight and I can’t do it on my own. I’ve tried so many times.I've looked at the 12wbt so many times over the past year and always talked myself out of it. Then I decided enough was enough and I signed up.
  1. What are you hoping to achieve through the program?
I want to love me again. I want to be the confident person I used to be. I want to be trim and healthy and fit again.
  1. Why have you decided to blog about the 12WBT? What will be the main focus (eg, food, exercise, a bit of everything?)
A little bit of everything. Blogs/Diaries are a great way to be accountable
  1. How will you be exercising this round? Gym, home, outdoors or a mixture?
Mixture. Mainly at home and outdoors, but I’ll go to the gym when I can
  1. What is your greatest strength that will help you?
I’m determined. My husband has also promised to keep me determined
  1. What are you afraid of?
Failing (again)
  1. What are you looking forward to the most over the next 12 weeks?
Mind set lessons, fighting my demons. The yummy food
  1. What is your downfall? Food? Exercise? How will you overcome this?
Portion control and alcohol are my downfalls. I am measuring everything and sticking 100% to all the recipes. I have no alcohol in the house and I am avoiding situations where I might be tempted by a drink until I can learn to portion control my drinks (not just my food)
  1. If you had to pick one word to motivate you over the next 12 weeks, what would you choose?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sad Face

Well weekly weigh in number 1 arrived today and I was absolutely beside myself with devastation to discover I have put on 600grams since Sunday. I've gone through all my usual horrible emotions today but when I'd finally finished feeling sorry for myself, I decided to give myself a bit of perspective!
To start with I've actually lost 1.6kg since last Wednesday, even with a 600 gain, I've still lost 1.6kg. So why do I feel so miserable - well lets see,
For starters I actually toyed with using last Wednesday's weigh in but decided to use Sunday's instead cause that's when I did all my measurements. If only I'd used last Wednesdays weight....which brings me to what I believe is my biggest issue with this 600 grams....My first week weigh in will show a WEEK 1 OMG! I have likened this (in my head) to being voted off a reality show first or not knowing the $100 question on Who wants to be a Millionaire. No one wants to go home one wants to put on weight in week 1...But I have and there is no denying it. I have take responsibility for my actions.
I'm ashamed to admit that I briefly toyed with the idea of just recording the same weight as Sunday so it wouldn't show a loss.....But, if I did that then I'd just be cheating myself. I am taking responsibility for my weight gain. Lying about it is not doing anyone any favours especially myself. And seriously I'm just too darn honest for my own good, I'd feel so guilty if I lied.

So why did I put on 600g....Well if you read my last blog...remember I decided to go out with a bang?...Silly, silly girl!....Was it worth it? at the time...Oh yes it was so worth it. But now NO WAY!

I've been very good all week, following the meal plan and exercising every day. I even went out in the rain today and did day 2 of C25k. I'm not hitting anywhere near 500 calories burnt each day, but I am exercising every day and I think that's more important than anything.

I keep telling myself that I can't let this weight gain define happened, I've moved on, (it's taken me all day, but I have finally moved on). I didn't binge, I didn't sit on the couch...I ate properly and I exercised and fingers crossed this will be the last time I'm blogging about a weight gain :D

Hope everyone's having a great week 1 x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Yuck, Oh my, Eeerk and Woohoo

I'm so excited that the official round is finally here and I am so excited for the first mind set lesson. This is where I struggle, even though I have had an excellent pre-season. So much better than I ever could have imagined, I still told myself it was ok to go out with a band last weekend....and Oh did I go out with a bang.
Uni is about to start back up for me and that is going to be a struggle, I reckon I would eat my daily calorie allowance plus some in the few hours of study I get done a day.

So, Yuck - Task 8....all those horrible measurements, so depressing. I was so happy (well not really) living in denial about my size. Telling myself I'm not really that bad....Well the cold hard measurements don't lie, I am that bad...I am obese and quite frankly I have no desire to be obese any longer.
Oh My - That photo.....again I see myself in the mirror (briefly) every day and I was still shocked when I saw my photo. It's funny, when I get dressed I look at myself and think "I don't look that bad" but photo's don't would seem I can cover up and look semi decent in clothes but naked's horrid.
Eeerk - Fitness test...well not surprisingly I'm a beginner. I must admit I hadn't deluded myself into thinking I'd be intermediate..My 1km time trial took 9 minutes, I was happy with that cause I slow jogged most of it, I reckon if I'd walked it probably would have been faster. 20 push ups, I was stoked with that. 48 seconds for the wall sit, again pretty darn happy with that. Flexibility was + 11, absolutely stoked with that.....notice I've been avoiding one??? Oh dear the sit up was dismal....I could not even get to level 1, I was quite shocked I must admit, but it can only get better from here.

and finally WOOHOO....I was deadset beside myself happy to report that my pre-season weight loss is 7kg. That's pretty much just sticking to my calorie allowance with a little bit of exercise. I am so proud of myself.

So my thoughts on Week 1, day 1.....Can't say I loved the berry brucshetta, But I loved the Turkey and cheese wrap and everyone in my house loved the steak with salsa. I procrastinated all day about doing exercise yesterday, all day! And finally about 3.30pm, I made myself JFDI and I did day 1 of C25k. This morning when I got up around 5am to feed my baby boy, I literally argued with myself the whole time I was feeding him..."I want to go back to bed", "don't go back to bed, do an exercise video"....This went on for half an hour and once I put my little man back to bed, I went into robot mode, shut off my mind and just got into my workout gear and did Mish's video....and of course felt so much better for it.

Happy week 1 everyone and PS the apple muesli is absolutely delish x