Friday, 8 February 2013

Back again - successes & failures

Well here I am back again. I've decided to start blogging again, as the last time I did I was very successful at everything.

So in 2012 I committed to losing 40kg. And I got over half way to that goal. I lost 28kg over 3 rounds of 12wbt. My mindset was very strong in round one and I achieved a lot losing just over 20kg. Round 2 I struggled greatly but still managed to lose a little bit. In round 3 I lost nothing but I also did nothing right.

Today I sit with a less than a great mindset. When I look in the mirror I'm starting to see the girl I was at the beginning of 2012. I'm not, I have put some weight back on, I'm sitting today at 88kg. I want to be 70kg. The photo I've attached (hope it works) is me in aug 2011 compared with me today that's 28kg gone between photos. I'm not that girl on the right anymore, I still have lumps and bumps and I still need to lose 18kg. (I know the math doesn't add up, but in this pic I was 116, when I started 12wbt, I was 111- I don't have any handy pics of me at that weight to compare)

So what am I going to do to achieve this; well I've hired a PT who I am seeing once a week. I am revisiting my goals and my excuses. I have accepted that my old habits have returned and once again need to be eradicated. I've gone back and read all my old posts and reminded myself of how far I've come. I've stopped (hopefully) comparing myself to other people. I am trying not to focus on how far I have to go but rather some small goals to start with. I'm working on my mindset as self - loathing is not helpful. I am trying to be positive so my universe will be positive as well.

I haven't signed up for this round but I'm hoping to sign up for maybe round 2 or maybe 3.

:) xx