Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Those double digits have finally arrived!

I was really nervous about weigh in this week, due to a very bad weekend. A weekend where all the good work I'd done strengthening my will power muscle, was put to shame. But also a weekend, that made me re-commit to 12wbt (not that I'd stopped committing, I just was getting a bit silly on the weekends).

I also had a bit of a suck it up princess moment over the weekend. I was really disappointed with my 3.6kg weight loss since the official start of round 1. How ridiculous! 3.6kg is awesome plus add the 7kg in pre-season. Plus add the 1.6kg loss today, that's a grand total of 12.2kg is 9 weeks....NOW that's perspective! I often need to give myself a good kick up the back side.

I still haven't been to the doc, but my foot is feeling good today. I've completely modified my exercise, lots of walking and I'm looking forward to when I can run again.

Goals have been revisited and modified and I'm excited and determined and ready for the rest of week 5 and beyond!!!

Happy Wednesday weigh in everyone x

PS - Guess I better book in my pedi (my reward for 10kg loss/double digits)


  1. YAAAAY! Lovely to see that number in double figures. Well done, Linni - I hope to emulate you soon. And well done on the kicking oneself up one's own backside, your flexibility is obviously improving too ha ha....

  2. You go girl :) That's a massive achievement.

    Hope to see a pic of shiny toenails on here real soon. Enjoy xx