Monday, 26 March 2012

Blogger Challenge week 6

  Wow the half way mark
! What an adventures it's been. My gorgeous hubby and I were discussing only last night about how I haven't given up, cause usually by the 6 week mark of any previous diet I was well and truly back to my evil ways. Not this time though....So here we go, questions from Whirlsie
1. What adjustments have you had to make to your exercise regime over the last 6 weeks? 
Well up until I injured my foot a few weeks ago, I'd been exercising 6 times a week from exercising 0 times a week. Between week 1 and week 4 I took a minute off my 1km time trial. I am itching to get back to the regular cardio exercise, I can't wait to start running again. Currently pretty much all I can do is weights, toning and swimming. I haven't been exercising all 6 days since my injury, I do about 3 a week...I know weights are good but I still have a stigma in my head that I'll still be this size with lots of muscle tone and I don't want that.
2. What have you changed in regards to your food intake? 
This is what has changed the most for me, I eat clean now! I was really naughty the other day..I had a sausage roll....OMG I felt so sick afterwards, it was revolting. I am so impressed with the way food that used to be my staple is now just utterly revolting to me.
I follow Mish's meal plan about 95% I will try everything once and if I don't really like it then I'll substitute it for another one of Mish's recipes.
3. What is the difference in your mindset?  
I'm definitely more confident. I don't feel so embarrassed about being out in public. I'm starting to like the way I look again (which can also be a danger for me - more about that in another blog). The food isn't a issue, this is the way I'm eating end of conversation. I still have blow outs, but instead of giving up after each blow out and going into a food coma, now I just get over it and head back to my clean food. I was doing so well with my exercise too, but alas...I may have to concentrate on my exercise in round 2 or 3 (haven't decided which I'll be doing yet)
A huge thing that happened in my mindset only in the past few days is I realised that I probably won't reach my goal this round, initially I was upset with myself for not trying harder, but I don't really mind, cause I know I'll reach it soon after the round finishes and I am now focusing on how far I've come, instead of how far I have to go.


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  1. You are doing so well, LJ! I love that you are just going straight back to clean eating if you have a bit of a miss. You will do this, and you are helping me do it too! Regards to Bertie.