Monday, 12 March 2012

Mini Milestone

Sadly this weekend I didn't do any mini milestone due to a injury. But today I inadvertently achieved what I consider to be a mini milestone.

I pick my boys up from school every day and because I have a big 7 seater people mover, I tend to park where it's easy for me to manoeuvre my car. This usually means parking quite a distance from the school gate and once I get to the school gate I have to walk up the hill to get to my son's class room. This is a trek I do daily, on my own it's easy peasy, but 9 out of 10 times I also have my baby boy with me and I struggle to make this trek every hurts! I get back to my car and sometimes I just want to cry I'm in that much pain from carrying my 10kg+ little man all that way....BUT today..... 

I'm still a little stunned and uber proud that in four weeks (well eight weeks actually). That trek up to the school and back which I had come to dread, actually didn't hurt, it felt great. I got back to my car and it dawned on me that maybe in spite of everything that I had managed to achieve a mini milestone.

Update on my foot - I've had an X-ray, but I still haven't been back to my doc. I did my fitness test on Friday and I couldn't walk for 2 days after so that was a bit silly of me. I'm so bummed about hurting my foot, I was really enjoying running, but I'll just have to re-assess my goals. I went for a walk this morning (it hurt) but it was really nice and I actually burnt more calories than I've ever done in one session....WooHoo, I hit that 500 calorie mark.

I'm dreading weigh in this week. This was the week I was hoping to hit double digits, but after a weekend of indulgence (I need to learn to say NO) at this stage I will be over the moon if I don't put any weight on.


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  1. Hi Linnijane, congrats on the milestone - just walking anywhere with a 10kg+ little man on board is hard enough, but uphill too! And I'm sorry your foot isn't coming good - but it's interesting that you burnt heaps of calories on a walk, so you will still be able to work out hard and shift those calories. You'll be back in double figures before you know it....x