Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blogger Challenge Week 3

Rewarding Myself....

Wow hadn’t really thought about this one. Being a Mum, it’s not often I think about what to give myself. Sure there’s heaps of things I want but I always manage to put them off.

I guess if I really had to think about what I will reward myself with for losing weight, I really need a pedicure and I feel that will be my first reward. A pedicure will be my reward for hitting double digit’s (which also co-incides with losing 10kg – well 11.6kg to be exact). 

I really also need a haircut...I’m currently in that post euphoric phase of losing my hair after child birth, but this one’s a tricky one I’d also really like to wait to just before finale to get my hair done so it looks all pretty for finale. So that may be my end of 12wbt reward.

I’m sure I will throw in a few shows as rewards too. Currently I really want to see Love Never Dies and I know A Chorus Line will hit Sydney in July...

Physical rewards – I currently have a love/hate relationship with Tricep push-ups, in that I love to hate them. I would love to be able to do 10 of them by the end of the round.
I am looking forward to my two fun runs that I have planned, I kind of look on them as a reward. A reward for my hard work, a reward for learning to run, a reward for changing my lifestyle.

I guess also my biggest reward (and this is one of my goals also) is to have my wedding and engagement ring fit me again. THAT is my biggest reward and I can’t wait till that happens.


  1. well I hope you're in double figures this time tomorrow... Love that the fun runs are their own reward too.

  2. Oh that postpartum hair loss is a KILLER! I hated it... both times! (I wonder if you could loss a kg of hair over the 12 weeks?? hehehe... I'm rewarding myself with a pedi too... Just need to make that appointment!

    Good luck on getting to your first goal! DOUBLE FIGURES!