Sunday, 15 January 2012

That's how many calories???????

Day 1 of Pre-Season.
Happy to say my head is in a much better space today, isn't it amazing what a good nights sleep will do?
I've been tracking all my food today and I was shocked to find out the calorie value of one of my favourite lunches. I've always thought it was a healthy alternative...It's still healthy but I think this is going to come down to my portion control.....
Brown rice & salmon salad.....478 calories.
My plan for when I make it tomorrow is to halve the rice I put in (that's 100 calories on it's own) and take out the balsamic dressing (11 calories).
But I also have to remember I am still breast feeding so I do get an extra 500 calories a day. If I didn't have those extra calories I would halve the salmon too (that would be 60 calories). That would make it a perfect lunch at 307 calories.....WOW I think I'm learning!!

But here's my next problem, AFTER LUNCH....The afternoon is when I do most of my snacking and Mish's suggestion of putting a time to each meal suddenly makes perfect sense to me. I had my lunch at's  now 3pm and it's taken every bit of energy I have not to snack, I've drunk lots of water, cleaned, ironed and basically I just keep reminding myself that the urge to snack will disappear soon.

Hope everyone's having a good day 1 of pre season

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