Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ahhh the knockers

I had my first experience with knockers yesterday and normally I'd succumb to such negative talk, but instead I kept my mouth shut, listened to what they had to say and thought to myself...I'll show you.

But truth be known this used to be me. I used to be one of the knockers, but really I was just making excuses, like I always do. I was at Mother's group, we all have 6 -7 month old babies, we all seem to spend each week complaining about our weight, a few of us walk to mum's group each week, but generally ruin it by eating bad food. I've made it public knowledge that I'm doing 12wbt, so naturally I've had some people ask me about it, I've told them what I know so far, I've even had friends who have successfully completed a round of 12wbt also post comments on facebook telling them of their success. But that is still not enough....Again excuses. One friend said to me, it's a lot of money to part with on face value....I will give her that, the website before you pay only gives you the basics of the program....BUT COME ON...ever heard of google, ever seen TBL?? It's so easy to research this program and how well it works if you commit to it.

I toyed around with doing round 3 2011....Are you ready for my excuses: I've just had a baby, I'll fail at this diet too...But I watched peoples results on facebook and twitter and at the beginning of December 2011, some people had lost between 15 - 20kg and it suddenly hit me...WOW if I'd joined round 3, I had the potential to be 15kg's lighter and so -15 kgs more confident. I had my 20 year school reunion also in December 2011, The fact that I could have looked better for that is what really got to me. So then and there I promised myself that I would sign up for the next round... and I did.

So some positives for this week - Yesterday I wrote down what time I was going to eat each meal and OMG, it worked...it actually worked. I was shocked it was seriously that simple. I (as you can see) am a serial snacker, afternoons are my worst time of the day. I could polish off my whole calorie allowance between lunch and dinner. But yesterday I didn't touch a thing. I stuck to my meal times and I was so proud of myself.

I weighed in today and I had no loss, but I also had no gain. I'm very happy with this, as I've only been counting calories since Monday and I haven't done any exercise yet, which I really need to address, cause I promised myself 2 exercise sessions this week.

On a final note for today...How awesome are the forums, so many positive, motivational people. It's awesome.


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  1. That's great you are sticking to your meal times. It isn't working for me at all right now but with all the kids on school holidays there isn't much routine here right now. I think it will be easier when school goes back.

    The forums are awesome.