Monday, 30 January 2012

Excuses and Commitment

I've been a bit slack with my blogging lately. Life has well and truly taken over at the moment, how's that for a whooper of an excuse.

So the excuses pre-season task, I found that really confronting. It actually took me a few days to figure out what my excuses were and even as I sat down to write down my excuses, I felt they were pretty stock standard. But an amazing thing happened as I started to put my excuses on the website. It was like flood gates opened up and I started to realise the extent  that I will use an excuse. It had never occurred to me that I was actually using these things as excuses. My biggest breakthrough was My Leg.....I had a tumour in my leg when I was a child (about 8 or 9) I had to have a bone removed. But I recovered, my leg is quite strong, it's shorter than my other leg but I wear orthotics so really its fine....Now this was close to 30 years ago (hmm that makes me feel a tad old), but I find myself still using my leg as an excuse not to exercise. It was quite an emotional moment. I always knew I was a self sabotage expert, but I really had no idea what an extreme expert I really was. I've printed out my excuses and I look at them every day just to remind myself of the power of excuses. I've also added a few more since I originally did the task.

I want this so badly and I understand that it won't be easy so committing to this program was not hard. What will be hard is half way through when I plateau, that is when I am going to have to be the strongest I can be. I imagine some re-commitment will be involved. My biggest goal, besides losing 40kg, is to have my wedding and engagement ring fit me again. I am realistic enough to know that I won't lose 40kg in one round. My goal for his round is 10 - 15kg and that should be enough for my rings to fit me again. The rest of the weight will be tackled in future rounds.

Other Stuff!
My first full week of counting calories I lost 2.8kg....YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I was am pretty impressed with that effort...wouldn't it be nice to lose that amount every week?
I have FINALLY started exercising. I high tailed it to the gym on Saturday morning. I am proud to say I was among a handful of people waiting outside my gym for it to open.
Yesterday I did Michelle's Super Shredder dvd.....Oh my WOW do I hurt today....Rest day today and tomorrow after I drop my baby boy at school for his very first day I plan to put all my emotional energy into the Super Shredder dvd again.


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