Saturday, 23 June 2012

I really am a runner

Well that's what the little voice on my C25k app told me when I finished my 20 minute run today!

Yes that's right I finally did it. What a complete disaster the past 2 days have been, between me feeling sick on Friday, my kids being constantly sick and babysitting plans falling through, my Friday and Saturday plans to do my run were a complete disaster.

By hook or by crook I was doing this run today. I had hoped to meet my hubby during his lunch break at the gym so he could mind the boys while I did my run on the treadmill. But sadly he couldn't make it. So after I put my bub down for his sleep I got ready and went out into the back yard, which is a decent size. I wasn't happy though. I was having a real princess moment.....Why wasn't the world bowing down to me and doing exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to run in the backyard, I want to run on the treadmill. Even as the little voice on my C25k app was telling me all about today's run, I seriously could have cried.

So I started my 5 minute warm up and realised at about 4minutes that I hadn't turned my HRM on. Oh boy was I cranky (even considered stopping then and there). Then the run started and thankfully the bootiful Adam Levine came crooning through my ipod and Oh yes that boy certainly does move like Jagger. Well that changed my tune, I was happy to keep pace with his delightful voice. Before I knew the little voice was telling me I'd already run for 5 minutes. I nearly cried. On I ran for another 5 minutes and was delighted that my ipod was giving me constantly up beat music. Around the 10 minute mark I got a slow song and I started to panic, but it turns out Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis ain't too bad to run to after all. When the little voice told me I had run for 15 minutes, my arms went up in the air like I had just completed a marathon. And then before I knew...20 whole minutes had passed.


I'm a little shocked that I could actually do it. And I look back over the past couple of days and I can see my excuses shining through. Was I really feeling sick on Friday? or was I just in a state of panic about this run. I blamed my mum yesterday for not being home in time to look after the boys so I could do my run then. But seriously I know how unreliable my mum can be when it comes to positive things. I could have done my run during the day when my bub was sleeping.

It would seem I still have a long way to go when it comes to fighting my demons and ridding myself of my excuses. I'll get there eventually, I know I will.


PS - Thank you to the gorgeous Janie and Raelene who have been so supportive of my run, mwah to you both xx

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  1. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!
    I've cried and laughed along with you reading this post. You DID IT!!!

    Adam Levine - rofl. Fist pumping in the back yard - double rofl (although I secretly do this internally at times too).

    Yay again. So so happy for you xx