Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I blame my jeans!

I tossed up about the title of this blog for a few hours. I was going to call it "Why are the 90's tormenting me?"
But I finally decided that it's all my jeans fault. I blame them 100%. You see my current jeans have been falling off me, these are a pair of jeans that have always been tight on me, but not recently, so I felt for sure that I would show a decent loss on the scales this week.
So jumping on the scales this morning I was devastated to discover I only had a 200g loss. You see this should have been a momentous occasion as today I am finally back into the 80's. I guess I was just expecting to be a little further into the 80's than what I am. So I had my sook and went to the gym, 800 calories later I felt much better about my little loss.
But seriously it's not my jeans fault, it's my fault, I haven't been 100% this week, I've had a few blow outs, my kiddies are sick which means broken sleep and just general frustration. But I think maybe this was just what I needed, I've got my determination face back on. I feel like my mojo has finally come back to the party.
I'm going to smash this week!

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  1. Amen to that last bit, but Big Congrats for the 80s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic. You are so awesome, Linni. 200 g or not, this is a fantastic step forward and will, I'm sure, propel you even further on this trip. (I'm struggling with the 'no comparison' thing as I wallow in the high 90s. But whose fault is that??) Well if you've got your determination face on - I'm putting my jfdi on this week. Meet you here next Wed for better outcomes? xx