Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sad Face

Well weekly weigh in number 1 arrived today and I was absolutely beside myself with devastation to discover I have put on 600grams since Sunday. I've gone through all my usual horrible emotions today but when I'd finally finished feeling sorry for myself, I decided to give myself a bit of perspective!
To start with I've actually lost 1.6kg since last Wednesday, even with a 600 gain, I've still lost 1.6kg. So why do I feel so miserable - well lets see,
For starters I actually toyed with using last Wednesday's weigh in but decided to use Sunday's instead cause that's when I did all my measurements. If only I'd used last Wednesdays weight....which brings me to what I believe is my biggest issue with this 600 grams....My first week weigh in will show a gain....in WEEK 1 OMG! I have likened this (in my head) to being voted off a reality show first or not knowing the $100 question on Who wants to be a Millionaire. No one wants to go home first...no one wants to put on weight in week 1...But I have and there is no denying it. I have take responsibility for my actions.
I'm ashamed to admit that I briefly toyed with the idea of just recording the same weight as Sunday so it wouldn't show a loss.....But, if I did that then I'd just be cheating myself. I am taking responsibility for my weight gain. Lying about it is not doing anyone any favours especially myself. And seriously I'm just too darn honest for my own good, I'd feel so guilty if I lied.

So why did I put on 600g....Well if you read my last blog...remember I decided to go out with a bang?...Silly, silly girl!....Was it worth it? at the time...Oh yes it was so worth it. But now NO WAY!

I've been very good all week, following the meal plan and exercising every day. I even went out in the rain today and did day 2 of C25k. I'm not hitting anywhere near 500 calories burnt each day, but I am exercising every day and I think that's more important than anything.

I keep telling myself that I can't let this weight gain define me....it happened, I've moved on, (it's taken me all day, but I have finally moved on). I didn't binge, I didn't sit on the couch...I ate properly and I exercised and fingers crossed this will be the last time I'm blogging about a weight gain :D

Hope everyone's having a great week 1 x


  1. Poor love . Stay motivated and don't let 600gm+ break you.
    And not stuffing your face after a defeat means a great deal.

  2. it's amazing how that number on the scale can make us happy or sad! But the main thing is that you are still exercising and eating well and if you do this consistently the weight will come off (just not on cue for each Wed weigh in perhaps....). Good on you for being honest with yourself too. You will have a great week this week i'm sure.