Monday, 20 February 2012

Blogger Challenge - week 1

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.  What makes you, you?
Hmmm, what makes me, me? Good question.
Well I’m Melinda, I am a 18 year old stuck in the body of a nearly 40 year old. I’m a mum to three delightfully gorgeous boys (a.k.a cheeky monkeys). I am a wife to my childhood sweetheart and soul mate. I lead a blissfully happy life, most of it in my own little cocoon, where everyone is happy and nothing bad ever happens (naive, yes I know). I am a musical theatre junkie (I can never get enough). I often break into song and dance because I like to think I live in a tragic teenage 80’s movie, or I’m on stage in a tribute to my life. I love to sing and I love to dance, neither of them I do very well. I have a wicked sense of humour and I’m the polar opposite of PC. I tend to keep my opinions to myself as I don’t like to offend people and I’m not a fan of confrontation (accept of course if anyone was to hurt my kids, then I’m a tad over protective). I love social networking, cause I feel like I can be the real me. I’m painfully shy in person and I often think people think I’m rude because I am so shy.
  1. Why did you decide to do the 12WBT?
I’m fat! There’s no beating around the bush. I need to lose weight and I can’t do it on my own. I’ve tried so many times.I've looked at the 12wbt so many times over the past year and always talked myself out of it. Then I decided enough was enough and I signed up.
  1. What are you hoping to achieve through the program?
I want to love me again. I want to be the confident person I used to be. I want to be trim and healthy and fit again.
  1. Why have you decided to blog about the 12WBT? What will be the main focus (eg, food, exercise, a bit of everything?)
A little bit of everything. Blogs/Diaries are a great way to be accountable
  1. How will you be exercising this round? Gym, home, outdoors or a mixture?
Mixture. Mainly at home and outdoors, but I’ll go to the gym when I can
  1. What is your greatest strength that will help you?
I’m determined. My husband has also promised to keep me determined
  1. What are you afraid of?
Failing (again)
  1. What are you looking forward to the most over the next 12 weeks?
Mind set lessons, fighting my demons. The yummy food
  1. What is your downfall? Food? Exercise? How will you overcome this?
Portion control and alcohol are my downfalls. I am measuring everything and sticking 100% to all the recipes. I have no alcohol in the house and I am avoiding situations where I might be tempted by a drink until I can learn to portion control my drinks (not just my food)
  1. If you had to pick one word to motivate you over the next 12 weeks, what would you choose?


  1. I totally get were you wrote your shy! I use to be the same! Sometimes ppl would even think I was a snob my shyness came a cross wrong to some! But I can tell you this program has helped me come out of my shell not only online but everywhere I go! I'm not afraid to opening my mouth anymore & just being myself! Stick to it! I garentee you won't regret it! The program will help you transform not only on the outside but also within!

    Good Luck this round & for the rest of the year ;)


  2. Good to read more about you Linnijane - funny how we can be more open on blogs than in real life!

  3. Really enjoyed "meeting" you Linnijane.

    If you love musical theatre, have you ever tried a Sh'Bam class? The funnest thing of all time. I swear I'm in a movie every session. Last week = flashdance. Eat your heart out Jessica Beale!

  4. Looking forward to sharing the 12wbt journey with you!!!