Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My tips for a successful round of 12wbt

This is long...................
Do the preseason tasks. I always remember this piece of advice during preseason and I kept thing well ok but I don’t really see how it will make a difference..IT WILL. The biggest thing for me in the preseason tasks was getting to the bottom of my excuses, it’s amazing when you actually sit and think about it and I actually found it quite emotional. Excuses I’d been using for years and I had never realised they were excuses.

Michelle Bridges knows better than you, I know this is hard to believe but she really does, listen to her, do what she says. As your about to put that krispy kreme donut in your mouth, ask yourself...”What would Mish say”

Everyone has blowouts...Get over it. Don’t blow it out to a day or a week. “I’ll start again tomorrow” No don’t ...start again right now. Own your blowout and move on. It’s actually quite powerful

Get on the forums, find a local support group. Surround yourself with supportive people, this is such a huge influence and will a defining factor in your success.

Some kitchen tips

This may sound gross but I’ve been doing it for years and I think it’s a brilliant idea; Rinse your mince....ewwww I hear you say. Now I can’t always afford to buy premium, no fat mince, so what I do is brown it off to get all the fat out and then I rinse it in hot water to wash all that nasty fat away, clean your pan with some paper towel and off you go. It’s definitely not as ewww as it might sound.

Measure EVERYTHING! I measured every single little thing, to give you an idea of how bad I am, The banana bread on Mish’s menu, I would weigh the bowl, put all the ingredients in then weigh it again, then I would divide by the serve amount and I would measure up each serve exactly.
When I cut meat, for a stir fry I would count how many pieces I had so I could divide it correctly. Same with veg, I’d count how many beans I have and divide them up exactly evenly. I know it’s so anal, but hey....I’ve lost 20kg so far, so I must be doing something right. Even my hubby would giggle at me every night as I served up dinner.

Cup of water in the sink, doesn’t sound like much, but every utensil you use goes straight into that cup of water...no temptation to lick it then

Speaking of banana bread, make up a batch (make sure it’s Mish’s banana bread). Make it into muffins and freeze them. Perfect if you are running out the door and haven’t had breakfast, perfect for a snack if you are down on calories for the day. I always have the banana bread and low cal brownies frozen in my house. That way when someone pop’s over for a cuppa I have banana bread and brownies ready to go and I am not ruining all my hard work.

Be organised. Every week I would print out the menu plan and shopping list and recipes. I found the weeks I didn’t print out the menu plan (even though I followed it) my week just didn’t flow.

Don’t go out without a Mish approved snack. I don’t leave the house without 3 things, an apple, a museli bar and a pack of sultana’s. That way if I’m delayed, I always have something to eat and I won’t resort to buying something I’ll regret.

Take your bikini before shots, you may not want to. I know I didn’t, but you don’t have to show anyone and comparing your after pic is fun. Take a clothed one too so you can show people how well you’ve done.

Forget about the competition part! This was a big learning curve for me; around week 4 everyone seemed (I know everyone didn’t) to get a top 5% email. I didn’t and around the same time I had to sit myself down and ask myself if I was here to participate in a competition or was I here to lose weight? [LIGHT BULB MOMENT] I’m not here to win a competition, I’m here to lose weight, don’t make it about the competition, cause if you don’t win anything you’ll be disappointed and it’s not about that.

Don’t compare yourself to other people.....OK easier said than done right? Right! I’ve done well, but I still compare myself to other people who have done better. I think it’s human nature to compare yourself, but the cold hard truth is; There will always be someone who loses weight faster than me, there will always be someone fitter than me. All I need to do is be true to myself and do the best that I possibly can.

These are just a few things that have helped me over the past 12 weeks and I'm sure I'll think of many more now that I've actually posted this.
Hope everyone has a successful pre-season and a ripper of a round 2



  1. These are REALLY helpful, useful tips. My round 1 went a bit pear shaped after easter when my organisation went out the window. Big lesson to learn from for round 2. By the way, a big congratulations on your top 8% finish Linni. You really deserve it!

  2. Excellent advice. Changing your lifestyle is really hard but the benefits definitely outweigh the hard work.
    I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet you at the Round 1 workout. If you make it tote Round 2 finale PLEASE come up and introduce yourself if I don't find you first :)
    All the best for 2012 and beyond...